Thursday, March 24, 2011

Apple Love

I am desperately wanting an iPad.

Yes, I realise that we are saving but now that I have a full time job, with a great income, we will have a little extra money each month to play with. Bonus right?

So I think that we could get an iPad. Or two.

I love apple. I think I have even converted the boyfriend too. Who now is wanting a MacBook Pro.



Caitlin of Closet Confessions said...

I love having an Ipad. Makes browsing and emails so easy. Plus, I use the Wordpress app for blogging. It is so easy to carry around in my bag, and I've just got the wireless keyboard, which makes typing up emails all that much more easier.
I'm seriously in love.
So much so that I want a Mac Book Pro and my main computer to me an Apple.
In love. <3

Amy said...

My husband will be one of the people lined up tomorrow waiting for the iPad2.

I'm not that impressed by it, honestly...I've got an iPhone and a Macbook Pro, and that completes my apple infatuation for now :)

Victoria said...

I want them too.
he owes me a presents. XD