Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Tap My Heels Together

When the clock hits 11:11, I make a wish.

When a butterfly flies past me, I stop and watch. Unless it has scared me, in which case I am usually behind a locked door when I realise it was just a butterfly. [It is weird that I just thought of Bart Simpson's "Nobody ever suspects the butterfly." line.]

When I walk past a clover field, I try and spot a four-leafer.

When I get a little idea in my head, I listen.

When I am told I am beautiful, the butterflies are in my tummy.

When I get a cuddle, I smile and hold back the tears.

When a tear rolls down my face, I stop and try and remember which eye it came from first so I know if it is a happy tear or a sad tear.

When I get a text message, my heart beats faster.

When I hear a particular song, I must dance.

When I am in my black tank and lacy undies, I feel sexy.

When I am happy, I laugh.

When I wear my sparkly shoes, I tap my heels together three times, like Dorothy.