Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Single Scoop or Bucket Days?

Ice Cream Cartoon

Most days are single scoop days. Having worked in an ice cream shop for most of my teenage years, I will just admit very quietly right now, that I don't think any day is a single scoop day. Two scoops is at least needed to make sure you get the full ice cream taste.

I'm just being honest.

Today isn't. It is a bucket day.

Today I am sitting here questioning whether being a casual, who will and can literally be called up anywhere from six to eight in the morning to work that day.

While the pay is absolutely awesome, I am beginning to question whether this is the right thing for us, right now.

We are trying to pay off the debt that the boyfriend and I accumulated and save for a house deposit. With only one income, even though our money is just that our money, one income is very hard to do it on.

Should I just continue trying out casual for the next six months, while I am still finishing off university and hope with all my toes and fingers crossed that I will get called more often?

Or do I just begin to look for full-time roles in the Early Childhood industry?


{Image: Cartoons about Women by Cathy Thorne}

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Breathe Gently said...

You know I feel exactly the same way - the pay is good for casual teaching, but the days are tough and the unknown/potential to be NOT working really outweighs the perks to me. If I had a permanent job offered to me right now, even outside of teaching, I'd probably take it. Sad, eh? :(