Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 Minute Fashion

A little while ago, Danimezza posted 5 Minute Fashion. Danimezza search on ASOS for five minutes and came up with some pretty awesome finds.

This morning, I stumbled upon Rare Fashion and fell in love instantly with this item in particular. {Thank you Polyvore}.

Then I thought, I might have a go and see how much I can grab in five minutes.

Having never been on the site before, let alone searching. I was a little lost to say the least. So I started in the clothing tab and then searched around. I didn't look at the clothing individually, only picking based on what I could see in the gallery where everything is all together.

I mainly grabbed dresses. I have a thing for dresses.

I grabbed twelve items. Here they are:

Feather Shoulder Dress

Ruffle Neck Pleat Dress

Opulence Ruched Print Puffball Dress

Feather Shoulder Dress

Mesh Tube Dress

Elastic Wrap Platform Shoe

Stud Ballet Pump

Mini Tulip Skirt

Chiffon Stud V-Neck Dress

Mollie Peplum Dress

Pocket Trousers

Chiffon Bandeau Dress


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