Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Place & Yours: What I am Reading

Oh, I can just tell you are about to get so incredibly excited to see what I am reading.

Seriously, textbooks, even if they are just journal articles all mashed together, should never be that thick.

Best bit? This is the only textbook I had to buy because for my other unit, I get to access all the journal articles online.

This is a part of Hello Owl's My Place & Yours where Danielle puts up a new theme each Tuesday.


Amy said...

I wish my uni did these. I actually prefer reading things in paper, so I can drag it around on the train etc. I can ONLY get mine online, and it's such a PITA.

I don't start back until next week though (hahaha! :P)

Lauren said...

...yeah we used to get these too... you can put your back out with carrying some of those. I hope the articles are at least interesting!

Hayley said...

Now that is what I call a book! Luckily you are on the downhill slope. Good luck! I am guessing you are studying early childhood teaching? That is what I am studying through USQ :)

Danielle said...

That does sound extremely exciting.

Cinda said...

Excitement plus :) I haven't touched my uni text books since a very long time. They were like bricks and we didn't have much of an online thing back in my day.

Wendy Sice said...

That's funny! Someone out there needs to suggest they make the covers much more interesting, like a real book (hey, it could be you!)
and then it wouldn't look as ominous! xx