Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Have Far Too Many Thoughts

Oh crap, was that my phone?

Shit, quickly call him back.

Boyfriend: Who is that?
Me: The guy that organises casual for this school.
Boyfriend: Can't you call him back?
Me: I am!

Straight to voicemail. Fuck.

Me: Fuck. He is already calling the next person.

Just wait a little while, they might have said no.

Oh yes! It is ringing.

Oh you've found someone. Fuck.


Maybe tomorrow? Oh yes that would be nice. At least then not all hope is lost.

Well, I just missed out on working. Something that I have been waiting all fucking week for. And I missed the phone call.


I am just going to wallow in self pity today.

That was just all the thoughts that went through my head in a ten minute time frame.


Oh how easily I can miss out on work.

1 comment:

Breathe Gently said...

Crap! That really sucks. :(

Hopefully tomorrow, for sure!