Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Maxi Skirt

Each week Danimezza puts up a different Polly Dolly challenge. This week its all about the Maxi Skirt.

I love the look of the maxi skirts and have never owned one. I do recall when I was in Bondi a while ago, I saw the prettiest maxi skirt on a girl walking past. Was gorgeous.

Anyway. Here is my take on the maxi dress:

Magaschoni wool tank top
95 GBP -

Michael Kors maxi skirt
$1,995 -

Don t Ask Amanda maxi skirt
60 AUD -

Christian louboutin pumps
550 GBP -

Mulberry handbag
$950 -

Mimco pearl hair accessory
45 GBP -

lasting silk uv foundation spf 20
$59 -

Triple Drama Mascara
$12 -

I found two skirts that I instantly fell in love with. The first being a leopard print maxi and then a lighter coloured one. I have added brown hues with both to create a neutral effect, and keep your eye firmly on the maxi skirt.

While I have added some killer heels, you all know that I cannot walk in them, so I am totally dreaming.

Now, where did I leave that credit card?



Victoria said...

I love those skirts, those shoes & omg that bag. I must have it.
but credit card has been confiscated =[.
You should defiantly buy yourself one you'll ask yourself why you waited so long.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I do love me a gorgeous maxi skirt!

Anonymous said...

No credit card needed, the beauty of Polly Dolly!
Love your neutral look and use of on-trend animal print :)

Kel said...

Super cute :) And don't feel alone, I'd break an ankle in those hells too...doesn't stop me wanting them

Amy xxoo said...

I love how you've kept it quite minimalist, instead of over-loading the outfit with too much jewellery or accessories....

Thea said...

Really gorgeous!!
I almost chose that light skirt too. :)

Tracy said...

I really, really like the look you've created here. The colours are gorgeous! Man, those pumps are something else!