Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not So Fit And Healthy

Okay, so earlier, like a week ago, I wrote this post saying how I was grateful to have some drive and motivation when it came to exercising.

Oh boy did I fall off that wagon.

This week has been an utter failure. Not one ounce of exercise has taken place.

I am beginning to think that I need to call the dinosaur in.

It isn't like I haven't thought about exercising, because I have. Believe me, most nights I think that maybe I should go for a walk. Or do some exercise on the wii fit. Or jump on the bike for twenty minutes, or until I feel like dying.

But I haven't.

I am meant to be weighing in, 'cause you know, I only weigh in every month now as my weight is a serial fluctuator, on Sunday.

It's scary stuff. The weighing in, not the exercising. Though that could be scary since its been a week.

I am beginning to wonder what to do. I was feeling great when I was getting out and walking every night.

Now, I just cant be fucked.

What do you do to make sure you get some exercise time in?



Jane said...

The first few days are sooooo hard, but once you get into the habit of exercising it becomes a whole lot easier!

I try to squeeze in 30 mins a day, usually a walk or a run, but if that is completely impossible, I just make sure I stay as active as possible throughout the day. Little stuff like taking the stairs, doing lunges in TV ad breaks, dancing around for no good reason... it all adds up :)

Don't beat yourself up about not getting any exercise done though. Just get out and do something whenever you can xxx

ashley said...

I'm speaking from experience here. I really lack(ed) motivation (and I mean really). BUT I found something that I enjoyed doing!! You can go by what the experts tell you to do that ensures you to tighten and tone etc but realistically, how long will you stick to it? Finding types of exercise that you enjoy, I guarantee you, you will stick at.

For me it is 'RPM'. It's a spin bike class to AWESOME music. I felt completely comfortable in the environment. Positive group of people. When the class commenced the instructor turned down the lights and everything glowed in thee dark. FUN! Not to mention the endorphins that absolutely pump afterwards!

Once I got rolling & fitter I then enrolled in beach volleyball for fun and the social aspect.

Google ALL different types of exercise and do what you find fun and that you will enjoy.


amandab said...

I've only been to the gym once in the last week. Illness and the resulting lethargy has kept me away. I should have gone yesterday but put it off, and then cooked an indulgent dinner and didn't feel like going to the gym.

Looks like tomorrow I will get the Seargant-Major (4yo bossy child) to kick my butt into gear. I think we will do some stepping then pilates/yoga.

I am happy to rent her out to you for the motivation? :)

Devi said...

Exercise has been the bane of my life for decades.
It was something I had to push myself to do - unless it was dancing at a nightclub. ;-)

So when things got bad with my health, I thought about how much I liked nightclubbing and took up dance classes and other fun things instead. I was much more motivated to go.

Finding Circus training turned out to be the key, though! I love it so much that I even rejoined the gym, so I can use their mirrored room to practice hoops in. Occasionally, I use their cardio equipment, too.

Good luck and find something you love and enjoy and you'll be making the time for it. :-)