Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Weighty Issue

So, one of my resolutions for this year, is to no longer see myself as a number but to become fit and healthy.

I am still weighing in, but only once a month. Sunday is the next time I will weigh in.

Back in January when I was on the scales, I was 89.5 kilograms.

Which, being honest with you all, is on the higher end of where my weight normally fluctuates between.

I don't really have a goal weight in mind.

I want to be happy and healthy.


{But still cross your fingers for me for Sunday!}

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amandab said...

Fungers crossed :)

It is so hard though. I have to be so careful about the language I use in regards to losing weight/being healthy as Miss 4 absorbs it all and I am hearing things out of her mouth that really are upsetting. I know she is getting it from me, and I hate that I am setting her up with these ideas. We do have long talks about it, how exercising and keeping moving is good for you, how some foods are not for all the time, but how when you are a kid you can have things that Mummies perhaps can't because your body needs it to grow properly. But still, it isn't easy ...