Saturday, July 23, 2011

Can You Imagine?!

So I just completed my tax return for twenty-eleven and my gawd it is awesome.

Three thousand, nine hundred in awesomeness to be exact.

Did you know that is just nine hundred more than what I spent in three months?! Hence the "no-spend-July". Which I must say is going well.

Thank gawd I didn't do my tax return earlier!

So I can buy my camera guilt-free, it is my birthday present after all.

And I can even do a little shopping.

Maybe a lot?

Hmm, maybe I should be smart and put some towards my interest free cards; my credit card and save a little.



Jess said...

freaking awesome! I'm only getting a bit over $1000 back and saving it all. But love to see the $$$ roll over in my ING account!

Amy said...

Nice return! We are being boring this year and putting our tax returns onto our credit cars- goal to knock almost 50% of our debt away by December.

Would much rather go shopping though!!