Saturday, August 13, 2011

How Did I Get Here?

So I was shopping today. The girl in Sportsgirl serving me, as I bought two pretty dresses, asked if I had any big plans for tonight.

No, a quiet one for me.
"Oh I know how you feel. I have so many twenty-first birthday parties to go to lately." She continued to discuss how many parties she has been to in the last few weeks.

I added I had busy weekends the last few so I wanted to have a quiet one at home. Saying how it was my birthday only last week.

She then asked how old I was.

To which she was shocked. Telling me I didn't look that old.

Total pick me up.

But how the fuck did I get to twenty-four?

I swear it was just last year I was turning twenty-one.


Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

COMPLETELY understand how you feel! I'm turning 24 next month and I'm honestly feeling like ''WHAT? But I still feel 18! HOW is it possible that six years have gone by?!'' Creepy! xoxo

Amy said...

Love the new blog design!

I can't believe I'll be 25 next birthday- feels almost ancient. Then again, maybe my husband and two children should have been an indicator that I'm not young and fancy free anymore?

Matthew said...

Oh the joy of early twenties, wait till you hit 38 and go hang on wasn't I just 24.... Where is a recipe for this yummy pizza you speak of? Please post one :-)