Thursday, June 30, 2011


Okay, so I went shopping, again.

Another $300 odd dollars spent.

*shakes head*

So, for all of July I am not going to buy any item of clothing including bras, undies, socks, tees, pjs, shorts, skirts, pants, dresses or shoes. Or accessories!

I think that is almost everything covered.

Wonder how much I can save?

But so I get my fix, I may just post pictures of everything that I have bought *winks*


Amy said...

Yes, photo's, please. Helps me keep my credit card in my wallet if I can live vicariously through your purchases!

Surely Sarah said...

Hey, you look amazing! But yes, I would say you failed no-spend July on the very last day ;)
Can you tell me more about getting your makeup done at NP? ie. where did you go, what did it cost, was it a formal appt etc? I've been thinking about going to see them for AGES for help with make-up as I'm a complete beauty fail.