Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I was walking home this afternoon.

Headphones in. Listening to Britney.

Walking ever so slowly.

Wondering where he would be on the train.

Then I cross a road.

One small little teeny intersection. A back street even!

And I don't look.

I am in the middle of the road.

The Australia Post van slams on his brakes. Literally bringing his van bouncing back and forth to a stop.

I jump.


I must remember to look in Sydney otherwise people will begin to think I have a death wish.


Amy said...

And to have you say you died listening to Britney Spears- oh the shame :P

Anonymous said...

ah yes. looking is good. i am still trying to figure out why i was always told to look left, right, left - why 3 times - i feel like i need to do a 4th to equal it out?? take care.