Sunday, September 18, 2011

25 by 25 Update

1. Buy more dresses.
Can safely cross this off. Just look over here at all my dresses.

2. Learn to walk in high heels.
Check out THESE! Can safely say I am perfecting my walk!

3. Exercise five days a week.
I walk to work and am debating heading to the gym.

4. Buy my first car.
Probably won't buy a car for a while. Just no need.

5. Be happy.
Feeling oh-so-happy more often then not lately!

6. Finish the degree.

Graduate on FRIDAY!

7. Buy a sewing machine {and actually sew!} DELETE
Not happening. Was going to in July but seriously WTF am I going to sew?!

8. Buy a house. DELETE
Hoping that by 2015 I will own a little house.

9. Learn the art of saving and still being able to shop!

10. Kick my habit of biting my nails.
I have three nails as we speak. Seriously have a long way to go though [insert sadface].

11. Buy a corset.
Hmm. Might start looking for one and depending if I do the gym thing or not..

12. Get a DSLR. DELETE
Bought a point and shoot instead..

13. Get my teeth whitened {re: bleached}.
Thinking of looking out for one of those cheap deal thingys.

14. Discuss contacts or laser-eye surgery.
Will discuss next year; not overly important at the moment.

15. Get another tattoo.
October so that Sass can hold my hand while I am visiting her in Queensland. Unless I find a suitable hand-holder in Sydney.

16. Take more photographs.
Nods. Sure do!

17. Pay back my mum and nan all the money I borrowed.
Hope for by December 2011 to have paid them both back.

18. Get a HD for a unit overall or assignment {again} before I finish the degree. DELETE
Didn't happen. Credited. Again.

19. Visit the theme parks in Queensland with the boyfriend.

Maybe in October when I visit Sass?

20. Make a scrapbook {digital or handmade}. DELETE
Not going to happen. Nu-uh. No time.

21. Go to a casino.

Maybe in October with Sass? Or maybe I can convince someone in Sydney?

22. Visit all the major cities of Australia {Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra + Sydney}
Brisbane in October. Have plenty of time to do the others!

23. Get professional photographs taken of us.
LOL not that we are together. However, I did have photographs taken of me the day after my birthday this year! Will show you when they are ready!

24. Do a short course in something fun! {Photography, cooking, french or interior design} DELETE
Looked and cannot do anything with work due to working full time and TAFE don't offer many night courses for these.

25. Smile!

Officially saying that I have finished 6 with a lot close to being done.

Another six are deleted because they just simply cannot be done and are unrealistic!

Stay tuned for another update!

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Kelsbells said...

Congrats - definitely on your way to getting a lot done!

I'm not sure exactly where you're based, but with regards to doing a short course have you thought about looking for a weekend photography courses? I'm on the sunny coast in qld, and I know of a professional photographer who does a 2 day weekend course, and I think from memory it's a half day each day? First day is theory, second day you're out in the field taking photos with him helping out. That's an extremely short course, but would mean you could cross another off the list instead of deleting it, and given you're also taking a lot more photos it's definitely some skills that you would use again!