Sunday, October 2, 2011

So, I Did That Cap and Gown Thing.

Friday the twenty-third of September I officially graduated.

I know. It is squeal worthy, right?

So I thought.

Sure, I was excited in the lead up.

Then the family happened. Having him* be happy was nice. Great even. Oh and her** too!

So, I was there with my cap and gown on, wondering how they weren't proud.

We had photographs taken before, my sister taking most of them. Pity she didn't make sure our eyes were open or even that we were looking at the camera.

Here are a few that I took:

Then once I walked up on stage and grabbed my officialness. I headed outside.

My parents were ready to go and I had to ask for this photograph to be taken.

Am I being a sook? Probably. Guess at least they came.

But guess what?

I have officially finished university.

I have officially finished my Bachelor!


*He would be the sexy, sweet, smart boy that I am not sure I am allowed to write about. Must double check that one.

**She you all know as Sass *winks*


stinkb0mb said...

a HUGE congratulations pretty girl!!


Amy said...

I am so excited for you! I feel like I've shared some of your uni journey and your graduation is a reminder that I too will finish eventually.

I'm sorry your moment was not made more special by those close to you. :(

Weeee! No more uni!!!!!!

Kelsbells said...

Congratulations!! And definitely not being a sook, it's unfair they were ready to go immediately. It was your time to celebrate, and I'm glad that at least *him and **her were there for you!

Congrats again, and best of luck with your next endeavour!