About Her

Carly [that's me!] is a twenty-four years old woman. Or girl. Not quite sure I am sophisticated enough to classify myself as a woman. Yet.

I have red hair, but am forever dying it brown. I have made several notes to self that I should never dye my hair black, ever again. It is slowly leaving my hair. Honest.

I have blue eyes and am told that often how ah-mah-zing they are. I always wear mascara and love how long it makes my lashes. I occasionally wear my glasses, being short-sighted and all.

I am covered in freckles. As I have never tanned. I burn, blister then freckle. I now avoid the sun at all costs knowing that it is doing major damage to my skin.

I have boobs and I love them. Often you will find me raving about my awesome boobage. Unless they don't fit into a dress or top, in which case I wonder about whether I really need them. Boys don't seem to complain about them either.

I am curvy woman and am growing to love each and every one of my curves. I have recently just discovered how long my legs are too. Can you say awesomesauce?!

I talk a lot. Actually it is quite hard to shut me up.

I heart movies and will watch them at almost any opportunity. I make time to watch movies.

I am a girl gamer. Only on the xbox360 too. I do not like the PS3. It is crap. Pure crap. Oh and don't even get me started on Halo.

I love to go shopping. Every weekend you will find me shopping. Easily.

I sing badly. Terribly infact. Not that it stops me from pretending that I am Adele and can belt out her tunes.

I think too much and over-analyze everything. I also have an awesome memory.

I laugh loudly. Most people find my laugh amusing, or annoying. They tend to say that I shouldn't laugh. Oh well, I like laughing. Personally I think they should buy some ear plugs.

I try to smile often. I will never accept a compliment straight away. I am confident but it is usually a show.

I am learning to love life.